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Memory Diaspora

A Sci-Fi Fiction about Migration

This is a project I have started to develop since 2023. It is still in the very early stage. However, I still feel like to show the small steps I have made because I hope to connect with professionals from different disciplines to exchange ideas and learn. I am humble to know and learn more. I never have enough time and resources to share my thoughts or update work timely and I always think my practice is like making a puzzle to me. Hope you can tolerate that it can sometimes be fragmental. 

A mountain is not a mountain; a moon is not a moon; a flower is not a flower

Currently on view at MuMu Gallery in Tainan, Taiwan

Memory Capsules 

About the Exhibition

While creating these exhibited works, besides echoing the sci-fi story of interstellar migration I’m currently developing, I followed a concept in mind:
“A mountain is not a mountain; a moon is not a moon; a flower is not a flower.”
This concept stemmed from my experience climbing the seashore dunes in the Netherlands, mistaking them for mountains. At that time, I felt a sense of displacement, but from then on, the dunes became substitutes for mountains. While in the Netherlands, I invested my emotions for mountains into the dunes, connecting me and my homeland.
It seems that migrants in a new country cannot escape from such a fate. It’s as if we gradually understand and adapt to the new environment through analogies between new things and memories of our homeland. I found a similar phenomenon in human space exploration: Saturn’s moon, Titan, has landscapes identical to Earth’s and could be a potential option for human habitation in outer space. Scientists use terms like mountains, seas, and lakes to describe Titan’s geographical features, but its composition is entirely different, such as methane. Would a flower brought to outer space undergo a qualitative change and still be considered a flower? If we were to move to other planets, would we also find a dimly lit celestial body resembling the moon to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?
The recurring imagery of the memory capsule symbolises the preservation of landscapes and cultures that I will be reminiscing about when they do not exist on the new Earth humans emigrate to in the form of memories.