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Memory Diaspora

The world of Memory Diaspora, where the artist depicts a memory world; where consciousness and subconsciousness are stored and transform freely, where memories exist as a diaspora.


Assembling the Macrocosm of Hybrid, 2022
Assembling of the Macrocosm of Hybrid (2022), 180x160, oil on linen

What a Birth Can Offer (2022), 30x24 cm, oil on linen

Primordial Pudding (2022), 40x30 cm, oil on linen


Magnet  2022/40x30cm/Oil on linen
Magnet (2022), 40x30 cm, oil on linen

Pea cookies 2022/40x30cm/oil on linen
Pea Crackers (2022), 40x30 cm, oil on linen



Plantae is the first series of Memory Diaspora. I collect individual memories of plants via audio fragments in which people describe how they remember a plant and other recollections about that plant. Natural and human-manipulated migration of plants and the possibility to join different plants together (grafting) inspired me to fantasise how memories of plants will grow and graft together in the world of memory.



This painting is the first large painting that belongs to the Memory Diaspora project. To construct this world, I started by collecting people’s memories about plants. I listen to their stories and visualise the plants according to their memories. The Plantae series started with the intention to examine people’s memories and the visualisation of mental imagery. In the world of memories, how memories from different people would evolve together and live as a collective was the question buried when making this large work. 

Plantae / 2021 / 245x200 cm / acrylic paint on wood panel