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The Third Space: Hybrid

Cultural Hybridity

Where the Exotic Things are

2018, oil on linen

Only after I gave birth to my son, I was confronted with problems of hybridity.

During the first family visit (kraamvisite) after my son’s birth, I heard the comment about his appearance: he looks Asian. When I brought him back to my Taiwanese family for the first time, they said: he looks Dutch. That is the moment that I realized they will be foreign everywhere.

Traces of Motherhood


收驚 Siu-Kiann Exorcism (2021)

A Daoism ritual act that my mother would perform on me when I didn’t feel settled in my childhood. When a child cries a lot in the night, they might be shocked by something. Some part of the soul leaving the child’s body, so the child is not emotionally stable or ill. This act calls the soul back to the child’s body.