Linhuei Chen



Therapy Art Lab

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As an artist, I am interested in the topics of mental images and cultural hybridity. My artis- tic research process involves both theory and practice. I use different media, including a vari- ety traditional two- dimensional visual work (painting, drawing), but also text, sound and audio-visual work. Since 2020, I started work- ing in the field of art therapy and became inter- ested in merging my art and therapy practices, which resulted in the idea of developing a Therapy Art Lab.



My vision is to bring more caring to society with art and use my expertise in art to develop/experiment with new forms of therapy. I think art plays a very important role in this idea. The experiments and projects I will develop are aimed at providing an artistic and conceptual model which allows for more space for testing and open discussion, with the eventual goal of developing a new method that can be proven to be clinically effective in a therapeutical context. Until now, research into the effectiveness of art therapies has focused almost exclusively on people with so-called psychological disorders or mental illness. As a result of this limited focus, only a relatively small group of people tends to seek the help of therapists when experiencing psychological or emotional problems.  However, I believe that everyone can benefit from the therapeutic power of art, whether they are considered ill or not. Everyone can suffer from negative emotions and it would therefore be fruitful to have new therapeutic models tested and experienced by a broader general public.



I am currently developing several projects based on different sensory/perceptual aspects.