My father and ancestors were all seamen from an islet in Taiwan. The ocean, boats, and seaman's courage led us to different kinds of displacement. My experiences of cross-generational diaspora trigger me to question its impact on the family/home context and cultural hybridity through my memories. In my artistic practice, I use different media such as painting, drawing, text, audio-visual, and together they often form an installation.


Since 2020, I’ve started to explore these topics at a collective level (through more public participation and social practice), integrating my expertise in art therapy with my art projects. As an artist and therapist with a scientific background, I build artistic models for the visualization of mental images such as memories, dreams and subconsciousness. I believe this is a fundamental way to understand the visual process of cultural hybridity and traumas formed by physical and cultural displacement. Through artistic experiments, I am developing art-therapeutic projects that provide more caring to society and have the potential to be used in a clinical context with the foreseen increasing amount of displaced communities in today’s society.



Linhuei Chen