A child who left her homeland, an allochtoon*-partner in a relationship, a parent of two children. In the family relationship, I have multiple identities. I switch from one identity to another to deal with daily life as well when I think as artist. My constant allochtoon status triggers complex thoughts to my way of looking at the history, the present and the future.


My work often projects the reflections of people who long for harmonious familial relationships: our original family, our marital family, and our own family. Becoming a parent, I try to find answers to the questions about the future we bring to the next generation. My allochtoon status offers an unique perspective to the viewers, and I wish to provoke consciousness). This Dutch word: allochtoon allegorizes my life path.


Curiosity and humour play an important role in my artistic practice so my work is often intuitive, playful and not limited to a certain medium: by playing contrast of sizes, colours, materials, connection, collages, or stories, the meaning of the work can be received.


Each work of mine lives individually as an organism but they are also part of a whole installation and viewers can realize it is actually an allegory.





*Allochtoon: a Dutch word, literally meaning "emerging from another soil." It is often used to define immigrants or a person from whom at least one of the parents is not born in the Netherlands.  Thus, my children are allochtoon everywhere...

Linhuei Chen

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