Linhuei Chen



Left behind Me (2016)


Photography installation

Texts in the water


Photography A2

Summer in 2016, the story of the suicide of four Chinese siblings aged from 3 to 13 caused my attention to the issue of left-behind children in China. The real reason why they made this choice remains unclear since no body took care of them except from themselves. There are 61 million left-behind children in China and many sad stories hidden. It is the reason why I want to do this project and hope to raise people’s attention. While researching on this topic, I realized I was also left-behind child due to the profession of my father as captain of far-ocean vessel. He was not at home most time of my childhood. This realization turned my role as observer and reporter to be insider. I project myself through the left-behind children or the other way around. I confronted myself: my memories, my childhood and the present-me about the impact of absence of my father on me. All the photography works here show how being left-behind influences on me and the fact that my own family is unavoidable be part of it. It is important to me that through these photos, people can understand more what the left-behind children might go through: explicit or hidden pain, confusion, being lost, questions without answers or with ugly truth, because yesterday, again, one 13 year-old Chinese left-behind child committed suicide.



                                                                                                                      Linhuei Chen  07-11-16