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Translating the message



Fill in a Yes-No question about career development or results of something.

         Artists live with uncertainties.  I am anxious about it but I am fascinated by it at the same time. In Taiwan, many people deal with uncertainties by going to a fortune teller.  After art school, I have the tendency to try fortune telling again, to ask questions like: is it good for me to be artist? This inspired me to create an online fortune telling system for artists to deal with uncertainties. I use the oldest fortune telling system called  " I-Ching" (or Book of Changes) which provides 64 possible judgments. I studied the 64 judgements, interpreted them in English and offer a positive advice for artistic development. For each judgement, I made a drawing according to the original text which is a complex system. I wonder how it will help me to cope with uncertainties and contribute to my artistry?


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